Marc has been a reliable and much appreciated presenter at our annual conference. His sessions are sought after and highly regarded.”

Patty Metheny, Chair of the State ADR Committee


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) refers to procedures, agreed to by the parties of a dispute, in which they use the services of a neutral third party to assist them in reaching an agreement and avoiding litigation.

What is ADR?

Alternative Dispute Resolution  (ADR) provides an opportunity for individuals to resolve disagreements in a safe, efficient way. Purchin Consulting is committed to helping our clients solve problems and conflicts in the fastest easiest way possible, reducing legal costs for everyone involved.

ADR services are voluntary.  All involved must be willing participants who are prepared and open to finding common ground in the effort to move forward through the conflict.

The program is confidential.  With the exception of trainings, all ADR services are confidential unless all participants in the ADR meeting agree otherwise.  The mediator or facilitator will not disclose the names of participants nor content of an ADR session to any outside source unless otherwise agreed.  Employees utilizing ADR services to resolve a conflict have assurance that all information raised in an ADR meeting will not be used against them at a future date.  Similarly, if parties have an unsuccessful ADR meeting (resulting in a state-level proceeding), none of the contents in an ADR session will be used as evidence in a subsequent due-process hearing.

The program is educational.  ADR services – from training to informal mediations – provide a positive environment for individuals to learn and grow.  Because participants are able to safely learn from their mistakes, the process is especially conducive to individual and systematic change. A mediator or facilitator who suspects abuse is mandated to report this to the proper authorities.

What We Do:


Purchin Consulting coach helps you gain a negotiation advantage. You will come to your meeting having confidently organized your wants and needs, and you will be prepared with insights to anticipate what the other side wants to achieve. Using the interest-based approach found in William Ury’s Getting to Yes, individuals are given one-on-one coaching sessions to expertly prepare them for challenging meetings and negotiations.


Purchin Consulting conducts a variety of trainings. All are interactive and skill based. Each can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization. Below is a sample list of customizable trainings.

Meeting Facilitation & Mediation

The success that Purchin Consulting has achieved in mediation and facilitation may largely be attributed to our conscious decision to concentrate on three areas:

Education (notably Special Education) at all levels: student, parent and/or staff issues

Disabilities, especially relating to access issues

Non-profit organizations

Such focus enables us to keep abreast of relevant policy issues, court decisions, etc. It also means that the parties we work with can have greater confidence in the applicable value of what we provide, including the brainstorming, role-playing — and occasional reality-checks.

We have particular experience with the following types of meetings:

These areas represent our concentration but by no means our limit. For example, we may serve to resolve workplace disputes, whether it is an employer at odds with a single employee or the entire workforce, and/or addressing issues ranging from salaries and benefits to harassment and discrimination.

Whatever your category, organization or need, it is worth noting that, over several years, we have increasingly emphasized true early intervention in our conflict resolution services. So, whether the right service for you is a single Purchin Consulting mediation professional or a team, we always aim to assist parties as shortly after the conflict arises as possible — if not intervening to prevent conflict in the first place. And since so many of our mediations assist individuals who have an ongoing working relationship, you may be sure we are attentive to and respectful of long term feelings. We know that, just as even the most successful marriages can benefit from some helpful tweaking here and there, so can, say, the relationship between your family and your school district.

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