Maybe you’re after a job promotion or a raise in pay. Maybe you are negotiating the purchase of a house. Maybe there is a contract dispute. Maybe there is an issue to resolve or a position to advance with family members, friends or colleagues.

Purchin Consulting experts can help you turn each “maybe” into a “will be.”

Think about it: Life presents us with an endless sequence of negotiations. Those with the skills and confidence to do well at those negotiations tend to be the most successful. Accordingly, anyone preparing for an important negotiation should consider professional tutelage.

A Purchin Consulting coach helps you gain a negotiation advantage. You will come to your meeting having confidently organized your wants and needs, and you will be prepared with insights to anticipate what the other side wants to achieve. It’s your opportunity to quickly learn techniques such as those found in William Ury’s Getting to Yes, which can put you in the best possible position to succeed now — and thereafter.

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