The success that Purchin Consulting has achieved in mediation and facilitation may largely be attributed to our conscious decision to concentrate on three areas:

Education (notably Special Education) at all levels: student, parent and/or staff issues

Disabilities, especially relating to access issues

Non-profit organizations

Such focus enables us to keep abreast of relevant policy issues, court decisions, etc. It also means that the parties we work with can have greater confidence in the applicable value of what we provide, including the brainstorming, role-playing — and occasional reality-checks.
We have particular experience with the following types of meetings:

  • Informal mediations between families and school districts
  • Staff mediations
  • I.E.P. team meetings
  • Resolution Sessions
  • 504 meetings
  • Board meetings
  • Inter-agency meetings
  • Staff meetings
  • Focus Groups

These areas represent our concentration but by no means our limit. For example, we may serve to resolve workplace disputes, whether it is an employer at odds with a single employee or the entire workforce, and/or addressing issues ranging from salaries and benefits to harassment and discrimination.

Whatever your category, organization or need, it is worth noting that, over several years, we have increasingly emphasized true early intervention in our conflict resolution services. So, whether the right service for you is a single Purchin Consulting mediation professional or a team, we always aim to assist parties as shortly after the conflict arises as possible — if not intervening to prevent conflict in the first place. And since so many of our mediations assist individuals who have an ongoing working relationship, you may be sure we are attentive to and respectful of long term feelings. We know that, just as even the most successful marriages can benefit from some helpful tweaking here and there, so can, say, the relationship between your family and your school district.

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