Like any company the proof is in the pudding.  If you want to know how helpful we can be, there is no better measure of our effectiveness than our clients’ satisfaction.  The work of Purchin Consulting can best be judged by those we have served.  Some of their thoughts are excerpted here.

Dear Marc,

I want to thank you again for the incredible skill and empathetic way in which you planned and implemented the DRS staff retreat. The pre-retreat consultations were extraordinarily helpful. Your insight and perspective before, during and after were very much on target and contributed to a successful (and fun!) day with important and realistic outcomes for our staff. The feedback has been universally positive.

It has truly been a personal as well as professional pleasure getting to know you! I look forward to further opportunities to work together.

Best wishes,

Tobi Inlender, Executive Director
Dispute Resolution Services
Los Angeles County Bar Association

Dear Marc,

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise at our national conference. The 200-plus members who attended your session on Conflict Resolution and Interest-Based Negotiations rated your session one of the highest of all the workshops at the conference. You are a wonderful resource for our membership.

Sue Mackie, Executive Director
United States Swim School Association

Dear Marc,

Thank you for the time, consideration and concern you have demonstrated for my son, Vincent. I am extremely grateful for all that has been done to see that he is able to be enrolled in the school best suited to his needs and development. I also want to take this opportunity to wish all the best to you and your family. Thanks again.


Vincent’s family

Dear Marc,

Thank you for an excellent (and spirited) presentation at the LA Asperger Parent Support Group. As I’m sure you could tell, it was sorely needed and you did a great job! We are glad that you are in our circles.


Jim Devine and Fran Goldfarb