Celebrate and Take a Break

Whether you are a parent and/or work in education, now is the time to celebrate and take a break. This may be going outside of our usual ADR topics but considering that we have officially reached the summer, it seems perfectly relevant and is most likely an important reminder.

So, this month we really have two “Skills.”

1) Celebrate. District staff and parents: you both need to reflect on the year and look at your achievements. How have you been able to support your child(ren)? If you are a parent, what is at least one new way that you are working with your child’s school? If you are a district employee, what are some of the new ways you have worked with some of your most “challenging” families and/or fellow employees? Maybe you have made some positive systematic changes. If so, celebrate them! There is no such thing as a success too small or “boring.” Heck, it could be that you have built new trust with a family and now the parents are saying hello to their child’s teachers where before there was no greeting at all. From that “little” triumph could grow HUGE progress.

2) Take a Break. So now that we have reflected on the accomplishments of this past year, it’s time for some well-earned R&R. We all need rejuvenation. So get away, whether it’s venturing somewhere far and exotic or simply blocking out the time to take a weekly walk on the beach or even escaping to your imagination, in a local movie theater.

It is a true honor and privilege to be working with all of you, as I know you are committed to working together and finding common ground. So I offer this Skill in hopes that you will celebrate your successes over the past year and take a break so that you can return fresh and optimistic for the next school year. I look forward to our continuing work together and supporting families and districts in any way I can.



Suggested Tip on Practicing This Skill

  1. Reflect on the past year and make a list of your accomplishments. If you are saying to yourself that you don’t have any, I really don’t believe you! (Call me if you need some help with this.)
  2. Take out your summer calendar and block out some time to relax and revive. It doesn’t matter if your plans are grand or modest, what matters is that you get some mental time off. If you are staying local, make a list of all the things you can do to rest up and that make you happy. No excuses! We have LOTS of free activities in the communities we live in.