Welcome to Purchin Consulting, specialists in Alternative Dispute Resolution.  Our purpose is to assist you or your company to resolve difficult or complicated disputes.  These services may entail mediation, training and/or negotiation coaching.

What is ADR?

Alternative Dispute Resolution  (ADR) provides an opportunity for individuals to resolve disagreements in a safe, efficient way. Purchin Consulting is committed to helping our clients solve problems and conflicts in the fastest easiest way possible, reducing legal costs for everyone involved.

ADR services are voluntary.  All involved must be willing participants who are prepared and open to finding common ground in the effort to move forward through the conflict.

The program is confidential.  With the exception of trainings, all ADR services are confidential unless all participants in the ADR meeting agree otherwise.  The mediator or facilitator will not disclose the names of participants nor content of an ADR session to any outside source unless otherwise agreed.  Employees utilizing ADR services to resolve a conflict have assurance that all information raised in an ADR meeting will not be used against them at a future date.  Similarly, if parties have an unsuccessful ADR meeting (resulting in a state-level proceeding), none of the contents in an ADR session will be used as evidence in a subsequent due-process hearing.

The program is educational.  ADR services – from training to informal mediations – provide a positive environment for individuals to learn and grow.  Because participants are able to safely learn from their mistakes, the process is especially conducive to individual and systematic change. A mediator or facilitator who suspects abuse is mandated to report this to the proper authorities.

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